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Archive for November 11th, 2006

Sakhalin and Kuriles in full transport blockade over cyclone

Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands have turned to be in a complete transport blockade on Sunday over a powerful cyclone that swooped down on the area from the Pacific. Ships are at a standstill, and aircraft do not come or go.
A storm in the Tatar Strait whipped up six-meter-high waves and closed the ferry service [...]

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Closure found at the bottom of the ocean

Ruth Anders Taylor, then 17, remembers waving farewell to her brother, Floyd, as he headed back to his Naval base at Pearl Harbor.
She was so proud of him - and of her other brothers, too - for volunteering to serve in World War II. She had loved every minute of having Floyd home on his [...]

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Another cyclone approaches Kuriles from Pacific

Another powerful cyclone with winds of up to 38 metres a second is moving from the Pacific to the Kurile Islands.
The first strike will hit the Southern Kuriles on Sunday morning.
The Emergencies Ministry's Sakhalin regional department issued a storm warning for several times.
According to the forecast, waves will be as high as eight metres in [...]

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Area man closes chapter on his WW II brother’s final resting place

A bittersweet journey that has lasted more than half a century has come to the end for Cascade Township resident George Logue.
A little more than a week ago, Logue, 79, received a call from the U.S. Navy confirming reports that a submarine found in 200 feet of water between the Japanese island of Hokkaido and [...]

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

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