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Archive for August 20th, 2006

Sakhalin poacher ship detained in Sea of Okhotsk

A Sakhalin fishing ship has been detained in the Sea of Okhotsk on suspicion of poaching, the head of the public relations group of the North-Eastern Border Department told Tass on Sunday. The schooner is being escorted to the port city of Magadan for investigation, Andrei Orlov said.

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

Shell facing a rough ride over its Sakhalin Island gas project

In any competition for the oil industry's most angst-filled executives, Royal Dutch Shell's Russia negotiators would merit a mention, given the mounting pressure on Shell's $20bn (E15.5bn, ?10.6bn) gas project on Sakhalin Island.
Russia's Resources Ministry is next week slated to finish its audit of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project on Russia's Far East coast.
Shell [...]

Sunday, August 20th, 2006

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