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Japanese boat detained for poaching in Far East

Russian coast guard seizes Japanese boat for poaching.jpg

Japanese schooner Zuisio-maru 38, detained by Russian frontier guards for poaching, has enough food, drinkable water and fuel on board for its functioning. The schooner has been convoyed to the port of Yuzhno-Kurilsk, in the Kunashir Island, for a thorough inspection and the investigation of the case.

A patrol boat of the Russian frontier guards noticed two unidentified schooners on January 21, and took measures to stop them for inspection. They tried to escape, however. During a pursuit the frontier guards managed to detain one of the boats - the Zuisio-maru 38. Some 1.5 tons of fish were found on board the schooner. Its crew is made up of six men, all citizens of Japan. The schooner is registered at the port of Rausu, in the Hokkaido Island. It belongs to the Zuse Kawabatu Rausu fishing company.

The public relations group of the Sakhalin coastal guard department under the Federal Security Service (FSB) specified that the schooner had been doing fishing in the area of the Russian territorial waters, where fishing is forbidden. It is in that area that the two schooners were noticed near the Bely Cape, the Kunashir Island. A Russian patrol boat set off to inspect them and ordered them to stop in Russia, Japanese and English. Both schooners tried to escape from the patrol boat. The pursued lasted for about an hour, after which the Zuisio-maru 38 was detained, while the second schooner managed to escape.

At present Takashi Kawasaki, skipper of the Zuisio-maru 38, is giving explanations to the Russian frontier guards concerning the unauthorized fishing in the Russian territorial waters.

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