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Gazprom plans to join Sakhalin-3 and to spend $10-15 mln on geological survey in 2007

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Gazprom OJSC is planning to join the Sakhalin-3 project and to spend $10-15 mln on geological survey in 2007, Gazprom's Deputy Chairman Alexander Ananenkov said in his interview to Gazprom's corporate journal.

Mr. Ananenkov noted that "production here can be started in 2013-2014". It is planned to join the project under the Eastern Program being realized by Gazprom.

According to Gazprom's Deputy Chairman, the new gas pipeline Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok will be directed, first of all, to meet national needs. However, the company will use it to perform its export liabilities too, in particular, to the Republic of Korea.

Mr. Ananenkov thinks that "the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok system should be projected with consideration to blue fuel of Sakhalin-3 and other 'sakhalins' to follow, in order to avoid the doubling and irrational money use. This is in the interests of all subsoil users, for the Sakhalin shelf can give some 70 bn cubic meters of gas annually".

The gasification of the Far East is the first stage of Gazprom's Eastern Program. As Mr. Ananenkov informed, "a pipe from Yakutia will reach Khabarovsk at the second stage. The basic field here will become the Chayadinskoye field, which is now in the undistributed fund still. There are some more perspective areas next to it". Gazprom's Deputy Chairman thinks that "all the basic objects of the program, including Sakhalin-3 and the Chayadinskoye field, must receive a federal object status".

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