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Storm blocks 4 ferries on Vanino-Kholmsk route on Sakhalin


A cyclone and stormy weather has blocked the work of the Vanino-Kholmsk sea ferry service. The Sakhalin-9 and Sakhalin-10 diesel-electric vessels are staying at Vanino port, another two ferries are sheltering from bad weather in the Sovetskaya Gavan bay, the control post of Vanino port told Itar-Tass on Monday.

According to the passenger transportation service, the sale of tickets to ferries was stopped on January 6 at Vanino sea port and almost 100 people had to stay there on Orthodox Christmas Eve.

So far the ferry departures have been postponed till 07:00 p.m., local time (12:00 a.m., Moscow time). There is little hope that the ferry service between the mainland and Sakhalin Island will be resumed on Monday, although the wind force has begun to subside in Vanino. However, there is still stormy weather on Sakhalin and therefore the ferries are staying in bays.

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