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Sakhalin Energy removing defects noted by Rosprirodnadzor

The Sakhalin Energy Company has started the removal of defects, which were noted by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor), David Grier, Deputy Chief Executive Director of Sakhalin Energy, said at a press conference here on Monday, commenting on the situation around the Sakhalin-2 project.

According to his information, Rosprirodnadzor pointed to numerous deviations from the project, the damage done to the natural environment of salmons and to the illegal felling of trees. For that reason, he continued, a long-term programme of the preservation of the natural environment of salmon and taimen, and of the restoration of forests has been adopted.

At the same time, Grier said that, although ecologists point to the worsening of the ecological situation in the Aniva Bay, on whose coast the world's largest factory for the liquefaction of natural gas is being built, fishermen say that the salmon catch was the largest this year - over 63,000 tons. Nevertheless, Sakhalin Energy will work on the improvement of the ecological situation of the Aniva Bay together with all those who use its resources. Grier counts on an effective joint work with Rosprirodnadzor for the improvement of all the defects.

Grier is positive that the offshore oil and gas project Sakhalin-2 should be completed within the set time limits for the benefit of Russia, Sakhalin and the investors. He believes any delay will be detrimental for the investment climate in Russia, and the damage done by the project to the ecological situation will be far greater than now.

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