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2 out of 14 crewmembers rescued from vessel sunken near Kurils


Search for a crewmember of the sunken Yosi-Maru 31 vessel continues near the Kunashir Island. By morning Nov 16, 12 crewmembers out of 14 who were aboard during the shipwreck have been found, one seaman died, Russian EMERCOM Far-East regional center spokesperson Olga Alkina informed a REGNUM correspondent on November 16.

As REGNUM informed earlier, the Yosi-Maru 31 Vessel (home port of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) with 14 crewmembers aboard sank on November 16 near the Kunashir Island of Sakhalin Region 6 km off the coast.

Sakhalin rescuers, boarder guards and ship owners participate in the search for the vessel.

According to Olga Alkina, operative groups for evaluating the situation and coordinating the search action have been established at Russian EMERCOM Sakhalin regional offices.

Causes of the shipwreck are being investigated.


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