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Russia’s Sakhalin Island unaffected by quake


A major earthquake in the north Pacific on Wednesday had no impact on Russia's Sakhalin Island, site of some of the world's largest energy projects, Russian emergency services said.

"No tsunami has been observed. This is just a typical earthquake for this region and we don't now expect anything else to happen," said Viktor Beltsov, a spokesman for Russia's Emergencies Ministry in Moscow.

The quake struck off the Kurile Islands, located to the north of Japan.

Beltsov said the quake struck east southeast of Simushir Island, which is uninhabited and located at the centre of the Kuriles chain.

The quake was barely felt in the nearest Russian settlement of Severo-Kurilsk, on one of the northernmost islands of the archipelago, he added.

There was also no impact further west on the large island of Sakhalin, where oil majors Exxon and Shell are leading the giant Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 oil and gas projects.

"Right now there is no impact on our activities," said Ivan Chernyakhovsky, a spokesman for Shell-led Sakhalin Energy. "All our facilities are designed to standards that take into account all geological hazards and are built to withstand tsunamis."

"Sakhalin is in a seismically active zone. That's been taken into account from the beginning of the project."

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