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Emergency warnings over bad weather in Sakhalin

The Far East regional centre of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry on Tuesday issued a warning over possible emergencies in the Khabarovsk territory due to worsening weather.

Heavy snowstorms and wind of up to 25 metres per second continue on the Okhotsk Sea coast on November 14-15.

Snowstorms and squall winds are observed in most districts of the territory. The leaders of the region and local self-government bodies have been warned about possible damage of communication and electrical power transmission lines and disruption in the work of air, ground and sea transport and an increase in the number of traffic accidents with injuries.

Prompt informing of the power bodies and population about the situation has been organised. Life support services have been alerted and preventive measures are being taken.

Similar warnings have been issued on the Kamchatka Peninsula and in the Sakhalin region. Stormy weather with waves eight metres high persists in the Sea of Okhotsk near the southwest coast of Kamchatka and in the Pacific at the peninsula's southeast coast. There is a threat of emergencies at cargo, fishing and other vessels so they have been given a recommendation to stay at ports.

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