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Aftermath of strong cyclone being eliminated on Sakhalin, Kuriles

The aftermath of a storng cyclone, which left without electricity many settlements in the Kurilsk, Kholmsk, Uglegorsk and Tomarinsk districts, began being eliminated on Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands.

Acording to chief of the Kholmsk district emergencies department Mikhail Sitnikov, the hurricane has torn off the power lines in many places in Kholmsk, where about 50,000 people live. Eighty percent of apartment blocks were left without power supply in the city on Sunday evening. Their power supply was restored on Monday. But half of Kholmsk residents are left without water supply, as the power supply is cut to two water reservoirs. The villages Kostromskoye, Yablochnoye, Pravda, Chaplanovo, Pyatirechye, where about 7,000 people live, are left without electricity.

The Iturup island was the hardest hit on the Kurile Islands. Forty-five houses are left without electricity, and the roofs of 68 houses are damaged in the city of Kurilsk and the village Reidovo on the island.

According to Sakhalin weather forecasters, the cyclone has subsided a little bit and is moving along the eastern coast of Sakhalin to the north of the island. Sleet is going on in southern Sakhalin. The airport "Yuzhno- Sakhalinsk" is closed. The airport's runway is being cleared up.

A storm is raging in the Tatar Strait in the north of the Sea of Japan. The Vanino-Kholmsk ferry line is closed for the second day in a raw.

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