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Sakhalin and Kuriles in full transport blockade over cyclone

Sakhalin in full transport blockade over cyclone.jpg

Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands have turned to be in a complete transport blockade on Sunday over a powerful cyclone that swooped down on the area from the Pacific. Ships are at a standstill, and aircraft do not come or go.

A storm in the Tatar Strait whipped up six-meter-high waves and closed the ferry service between Vanino and Kholmsk. Four ferries, constantly shuttling between the ports, are now in hidings at bays of the Khabarovsk Territory coast.

An officer on duty at the branch of the Russian Ministry for Emergencies for the Sakhalin Region, Valery Kukh, reported that wet snow that fell in southern Sakhalin, forced the shutting-down of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport.

All ships, operating in the area of the Kuriles, found shelter at relatively calm bays. Wind gusts in the Sea of Okhotsk reach 35-38 meters per second, while waves are 8-9 meters high.

The South Kuriles are battered by heavy rains: 70 mm of precipitations fell on the island of Shikotan overnight, which is a monthly norm.

All vital systems of Sakhalin and the Kuriles are put on alert in case of an emergency.

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One Response to “Sakhalin and Kuriles in full transport blockade over cyclone”

  1. vorobyov Says:

    Until now (13th) we’re still dealing with the outcome of cyclone. Slippery roads, poor visibility, lots of car accidents as a consequence. God save Sakhalin! Amen.

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