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Oil & Gas Project ‘Sakhalin-1′ to Reach Its Full Capacity by Late 2006

Monthly production is to grow to 250 thousand barrels (33 thousand tons) of oil. This announcement was made by First Vice President of the U.S. Company 'Exxon Neftegaz Limited' (ENL) Jim Taylor.

ENL is the operator of 'Sakhalin-1' Project. Under the project production of hydrocarbon fuel in Sea of Okhotsk's Chaivo deposit is carried out by 'Yastreb' facility.

According to Mr. Taylor, the sea platform 'Orlan' located at a distance of about 30 miles from the Sakhalin coast is to work on the project too.

About 12.5 million tons of oil will be produced annually under 'Sakhalin-1' project during 40 years.


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