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Exxon reports small oil spill at Russian project

Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's biggest publicly traded oil company by market value, has spilled a small amount of oil at a huge project on an island off the Russian coast, The Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday.

Exxon has recovered about 30 barrels of oil from the weekend spill and expects to recover a roughly equal amount through a cleanup that is under way, according to the report.

That pales in comparison to the 1989 Valdez disaster in Alaska, which spilled more than 240,000 barrels of oil. But it is an unwelcome development for Exxon, which faces friction with Russia over the Sakhalin project, the report said.

The project pulls oil from underwater fields off Sakhalin Island. The oil goes into an Exxon pipeline on the island and then is refined for distribution within Russia, the report added.

Exxon of Irving, Texas, discovered the spill Saturday morning at a "metering station" along the Exxon pipeline, said Bob Davis, a company spokesman.

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