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Salmon conservation discussed in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Salmon conservation is to be discussed at a Sakhalin Salmon Initiative international conference that opens here on Tuesday.

The three-day forum involves specialists from Russia, Australia, Britain, Hongkong (China), Canada, the United States, and Japan, as well as representatives of international ecological organizations.

According to the Sakhalin-based fisheries and oceanography research institute, more than one million tonnes of salmon fishes are caught in the world every year, with the US accounting for a half of the catch. Russia is also among big getters of the red fish. More than 200,000 tonnes of pink salmon, chum salmon and other salmon fishes have been caught in the Far East this year.

At the same time, matters concerning red fish reproduction and the conservation of its natural spawning grounds are constantly raised in the world.

Artificial growing of salmon fry is best arranged in Japan where fish-farming plants of Hokkaido Island annually release 2,000 million fly of pink salmon into the Pacific Ocean. Sakhalin fish farms breed about 700 million fry of pink salmon a year. A still larger amount of immature salmon fish get into the ocean from their natural spawning grounds in the rivers of Sakhalin and Kuril islands -- 4,500 million.

Those present at the conference are also to raise the question of survival of salmon populations in the light of expansion of activities by oil industry workers and those of other branches of industry.

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