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Sakhalin-5 Port Moskalvo to Open

The north Sakhalin port of Moskalvo will be officially open for business during the navigation season of June 1 to the end of October. It is operational for ships that operate for the Sakhalin-5 project.

As Sakhalin management said, this year Moskalvo will work as a coastal supply base of Sakhalin-5. The port will be instrumental in suppling British Petroleum Co. and Elvari Neftegas with technical cargo for conducting exploration work at Kaiganskо-Vasyukansky.

Currently, Representatives from Elvari Neftegas and Sakhalin-5 companies hold accident prevention drills for Moskalvo port workers. The bore platform "Legenda," owned by the British Petroleum company Тransocean, will be brought to Moskalvo by the end of June. It will perform drilling operations in the Kaiganskо-Vasyukansky part of the sea shelf this year.

At present, negotiations are underway for the companies Rosneft and Elvari Neftegas - the operator of the Sakhalin-5 project - to invest in the Moskalvo port reconstruction. It is hoped that Moskalvo will eventually be the main coastal supply base for Sakhalin-5. Moreover, the coastal areas of Chaivo and Odoptu will eventually be served by this port.

Current participants in the Sakhalin-5 project are: the joint-stock open company NK Rosneft (51%), BP (49%) and the joint-stock closed company Elvari Neftegas.

The resources extraction forecast for the projection is 1,172 million tons of oil. The first drilling was conducted in 2004 by the floating boring platform Legenda. Significant volumes of oil and gas were found in a number of highly productive sandy collectors. In 2005, a borehole to a depth of 2,705 meters was bored to prospect for oil.
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