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1600 Graves of Koreans Mobilized into Forced Labor in Sakhalin Found

About 16-hundred graves of Koreans forced into labor by Japan during their colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula have been discovered in Sakhalin, Russia. The Commission on Verification and Support for the Victims of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Colonialism in Korea says it conducted a field survey on a Sakhalin cemetery through July and August this year and confirmed over one thousand Koreans were buried there.

The commission plans conduct a complete enumeration survey on cemeteries located in southern Sakhalin by 2015 to search for more Koreans buried on the Russian island. 

It is estimated that nearly 30-thousand Koreans were mobilized into the forced labor in Sakhalin during Japanese colonial rule.

The committee began the investigation June this year in the hope of bringing the identified remains back to their families in Korea.

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