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New pumps winterised for Sakhalin-2 Project

Amarinth has won an order for $850,000 for eight pumps to be used in the harsh and demanding conditions off Sakhalin Island, Russia. The pumps will work for Sakhalin-2 Project.

The six Amarinth API 610 VS4 vertical pumps manufactured in duplex steel and the two electro-submersible pumps have been fully winterised to withstand the intense cold. The pumps will be used in the processing of produced water and other utilities, including waste water.

Amarinth said it was awarded the contract based on its experience of providing pumps for similar sub-zero projects, including to TengizChevrOil in Kazakhstan and to Sakhalin Energy Investment Company (SEIC) through PSN, who now provide the technical support services to SEIC.

Four of the pumps will replace existing Japanese pumps and Amarinth designed bespoke mounting plates so that the new pumps would directly interchange with the existing pumps without the need for any modifications to the existing plant.

“The project has been commercially challenging, working to a 10-hour time difference and providing documentation to GOST-R,” according to a statement from the pumps supplier.

However, thanks to its documentation system, Amarinth said it has been able to keep all parties involved in the process around the clock. Previous experience of GOST on projects in Kazakhstan and Russia has ensured that there has been no delays in the tight deadlines, the company added.

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