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The Governor of Sakhalin Area Met with the General Director of OJSC “KAMAZ”

The Governor of Sakhalin Area Alexander Khoroshavin held a work meeting in Moscow with the Chairman of the Board of directors the General Director of OJSC "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogogin.

At the meeting the matter of delivery of the vehicles produced by the well-known automobile plant to Sakhalin was discussed. The Governor was interested in possibility of delivery of passenger buses NEFAZ to the Area. The problem of public transport has become essential lately not only for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, but also for other districts of the Area in connection with new demands of the State standard for passenger transport.

Purchase of South-Korean buses "DAEWOU" doesn't solve the problem. This year Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk could buy only 5 such buses. But because the cost of the customs registration is equal to the price of one bus, they are still at the customs warehouse. In such a situation the delivery of Russian buses on terms of leasing is an acceptable variant of the problem solution.

It is supposed that in total KAMAZ will deliver almost 100 large buses NEFAZ to Sakhalin Area. Besides, the native auto giant is obliged to supply the island housing and communal services with special vehicles. For the maintenance of such an imposing auto park KAMAZ intends to open a specialized center of technical service.

Alexander Khoroshavin charged the vice-Governor Sergey Sheredekin to start examining the agreement on deliveries of such necessary automobiles to the Area.

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