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Plenipotentiary Went on the Working Trip to Sakhalin

Oleg Safonov, the Russian Federation President's Plenipotentiary in the Far Eastern Federal District went on his first working trip to the Sakhalin Area on Friday. 

The Plenipotentiary visited the districts where the new housing for the residents who suffered from the earthquake on August 2 is being built: the Nevelsk district, the settlement of Troitskoe, he also inspected the construction sites in Northern, Morgorodok, and the Fifth districts, visited the settlement of Bereznayki where the point of temporary residence of those who suffered in the earthquake is located and met with the Nevelsk residents.

In the afternoon the Plenipotentiary had several meetings with the Heads of the Executive Authorities of Area Departments, municipal units, the national security, and law machinery Departments.

"Frankly speaking, I expected that the situation is more difficult. However, now I can see that both the Governor of the Sakhalin Area and the Mayor of the Nevelsk District do everything in their power to get the town ready for the coming winter," the Plenipotentiary noted when he met with the residents of Nevelsk.

According to the Plenipotentiary, the municipal Authorities of the Nevelsk District cannot solve all the problems themselves, some problems should be solved with the help of the Area Authorities and the Federal center. In the Plenipotentiary's opinion the Federal Law on local self-government requires improvement.  

"The state set important social problems before the municipal units, but it did not provide the financial support to them, including tax and financial grants. We should solve the issues of taxes reallocation and tariffs. All these issues require improvement and the legislators should work on them. We shall analyze the situation all over the FEFD and make proposals at the Federal level," the Plenipotentiary stressed.

Alexander Khoroshavin, the Governor of the Sakhalin Area, informed the Plenipotentiary that the companies-contractors building the housing for the Nevelsk residents work according to the schedule. But there is a risk of busting the schedule due to the cargo delay at the ports and railway stations. 

Oleg Safonov, the Plenipotentiary, promised to solve the problem of building materials delivery from the continental part of Russia.

"I shall try to solve this problem to deliver the cargo by ferry or aboard the planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures," the Plenipotentiary noted.

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