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Sakhalin Authorities Start Supporting Agriculture

The Sakhalin Area Administration and other authorities have started implementation of the regional purpose programme of supporting agricultural producers, the Area Administration reports.

Vice-Governor Sergey Karepkin and the Chief of the Sakhalin Area Administration Department of agriculture Yevgeniy Lapin have held a press conference on this new undertaking. Last week the regional Duma discussed and approved this programme in the second reading.

"This programme has been adopted for us to provide financing and support for agricultural producers till 2009. The support from the regional authorities will consist in financial aid for acquisition of new equipment, breeding stock, renewal of seed-stock, and resolving other issues of agricultural enterprises," said Sergey KAREPKIN at the beginning of the press conference.

Vice-Governor explicated that the Area Administration considers it their task to take agricultural enterprises out of a difficult situation and to assist them in further development.

"We are ready to change the programme to increase funding depending on the current state and the objective situation as our Area is located in a zone of a difficult climate," said Mr. Karepkin.

Speaking of the future development of agriculture in the region, the Vice Governor stressed that despite the widespread assertion that farming is only wise in the south of Sakhalin and the Kurils, the Administration also plans to revive agriculture in the Uglegorsk and Tymovsk Districts. Even more so because these districts have always taken pride in their agricultural products.

The Area Administration will assist agricultural producers in acquisition of breeding stock as neither enterprises nor private farmers possess enough funds to buy it nowadays.

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