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The Governor of Sakhalin Area Expressed his Thanks to the Governor of Hokkaido

The Governor of Sakhalin Area Alexander Khoroshavin thanked the Governor of Hokkaido Harumi Takahasi for assistance in rendering emergency help to a Sakhalin boy who suffered from burns.

As the press-service of the Sakhalin Area Administration reported to RIA PrimaMedia, the Governor Khoroshavin expressed thanks to the Governor of Hokkaido Takahasi Harumi for participation in the destiny of the boy Nikita Ryzhov, and also all representatives of services and medical workers who have taken part in rescue of the child. A letter to the Governor of Hokkaido was delivered by the Head of the representation of Sakhalin Area in Sapporo A. Kutovoy.

On October 11 at 17:30 in one of flats of Yuzhno-Kurilsk Nikita R. overturned a pan with boiling water. The boy in the age of 1 year 11 months received serious burns. But thanks to the operative cooperation between the Governor of Hokkaido, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Japan in admitting to the burns center Nikita was delivered to Sapporo next day. As the Governor Khoroshavin emphasized in the letter, this fact became a convincing confirmation of good-neighbor relations between Sakhalin Area and Hokkaido, demonstrated aspiration to make every effort in the name of life and health of residents of our regions.

As the representation of Sakhalin Area in Sapporo reported, at present moment Nikita receives medical treatment in burns center of the hospital "Sapporo Idai," his condition has stabilized, he is provided with toys, children's books with Russian folk tales and others. In the nearest time doctors will decide whether it is necessary to hold operations on skin transplantation.

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