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Sakhalin Adopts Concept of Energy Security

Sakhalin Governor Alexander Khoroshavin has held a meeting of the Area Administration, at which they discussed and adopted the concept for maintenance of sustainable operations of fuel-supply infrastructure and power facilities and the energy security of the island region.

As the Administration reports, the L. Melentiev Institute of Energy Systems of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences won the tender and designed the concept. Vera Tikhonkikh, the Deputy Head of the Department of fuel and power sector and housing infrastructure and utilities, spoke on the foundations of the concept.

"It is a very urgent and systematic document, which unites the most important sectors of the Area's economy. We plan that it will become one of the components of the future concept of strategic development of the region, which will not be based on the principle of ‘making up for the lost time.' Sakhalin and the Kurils have reserves and resources to develop in a radically different way, which provides for a breakthrough on the basis of front-edge technologies and a scientific approach to resolving tasks," Alexander Khoroshavin concluded.

The concept was approved at the meeting subject to comments made at hearings, which were held earlier.

Executive authorities were instructed to work out suggestions pertaining to the realization of the concept, which will be incorporated in a general plan, by the end of the year. The Committee of the economy must compile the plan and submit it to the Area Administration by March 31, 2008.

The meeting also addressed matters of municipal financial policies, efficiency of the authorities in application of state capital investments in 2007, and enactment of resolutions and decrees.

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