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Synterra builds satellite station in Sakhalin

image The Synterra company announces to finish building a conjugate ground station in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the Sakhalin Region.

At present Synterra is represented in 83 regions of Russia. The terrestrial long distance network of the group of companies Synterra covers more than 70 regions of Russia and its total length in 60 thousand kilometers. Satellite communication lines have been launched in 13 regions. The new station is to become part of Synterra’s Wi-Fi network based on federal satellite networks with more than 40 access nodes. The total orbital frequency resource rented by Sinterra reaches more than 840 MHz.

The station will operate in C-range through the satellite Express-AM2 belonging to the Russian Satellite Communications Company. The given satellite covers the whole country. The station with the 7 meter mirror is equipped with 50W solid power transmitter.

The capacity of the station built is planned to be used to lease channel resources to communication operators and in other projects of the group of companies Synterra.

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