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Power supplies restored to 36 Sakhalin towns and villages

image Power supplies to 36 towns and villages in the Sakhalin Region, disrupted by a powerful blizzard, has been almost fully restored by this Sunday. Electricity has not been supplied only to just a few houses in the Kholmsk and Nevelsk districts. Seven houses remain without electricity in the city of Kholmsk; their power systems are being repaired.

According to the Sakhalin branch of the Ministry for Emergencies, there are some difficulties in motor traffic between the cities of Kholmsk and Nevelsk as well as between the city of Dolinsk and the village of Vzmorye, through which the main Sakhalin highway runs from the south to the north of the island. The blizzard piled up four-meter-high snowdrifts in some places.

The ferry service between Kholmsk-Vanino (Primorye Territory), delivering cargoes to the island, has been also fully restored. The island railway and the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport operate smoothly. The airport dispatches and receives airliners from all directions.

The powerful blizzard swooped down on the island on February 13-14. Wind gusts reached 30-35 metres per second. The cyclone battered 12 municipalities, while 36 towns and villages were left partially of fully without electricity. A state of emergency was announced in four districts.

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