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Apartments on Sakhalin Island are More Expensive than in Moscow Region

Ministry of regional development approved prices for square meter of accommodation in regions of the federation. Most expensive accommodation is in Sakhalin and Moscow.

Dmitry Kozak ordered to approve average market value of 1 square meter of total living floor area among Russian Federation areas. For subsidies calculations that are allocated according to plan for the 1st quarter of 2008 to all citizen groups that get subsidies from federal budged to purchase apartments according to the enclosure.

According to approved plan, the most expensive apartments in Russia are in Sakhalin. More expensive is only in Moscow. But despite this, average price in Moscow region is lower than on the island.

Average square meter price in Primorye is 24400 Rubles, in Khabarovsk - 26100. In Sakhalin 1 meter's price is 39550, and in St. Petersburg its price is 32650.

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