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Forecast of Salmon Fishing in Sakhalin Area for 2008 – 144 Thousand Tons

Public hearings on the issue "Confirmation of general admissible catch of Pacific salmon for 2008" were held in the Area Administration. Officials and representatives of fishing community listened to the report of the representative of SakhNIRO on the forecast of approach of salmon this year, the department of information policy of the Sakhalin Area Administration reported to RIA PrimaMedia.

As it was noted at the hearings, by results of 2007 on the whole "science" gave exact forecast on approach of salmon in Sakhalin Area. There were some discrepancies on information in concrete districts, however on the whole the picture of the fishing season was predicted with a high degree of reliability.

This year the greatest volumes of caught salmon are forecast on Iturup (almost 339 thousand tons), SakhNIRO supposes that a part of quotas of this island can be operatively reapportioned on Kunashir, which in 2008 will receive unprecedentedly low quotas. It is connected with depressive processes of the herd of salmon living there.

On the whole general admissible catch in other fishing districts was distributed in the following way:

South-West (Sakhalin) - 498 tons of humpback salmon, 4364 tons of Siberian salmon, 9 tons of sima;

North-West (Sakhalin) - 695 tons of humpback salmon and 801 tons of Siberian salmon;

Eastern Sakhalin - 83000 tons of humpback salmon, 6581 tons of Siberian salmon, 18 tons of sima and 111 tons of kizhuch, of them:

Aniva - humpback salmon 27675 tons, Siberian salmon 403 tons and sima 12 tons;

South-east - humpback 30986 tons, Siberian salmon 4850 tons, sima 3 tons and kizhuch 5 tons;

The Bay of Patience - salmon 23069 tons, Siberian salmon 1100 tons, sima 3 tons and kizhuch 15 tons;

North-east - humpback salmon 1270 tons, Siberian salmon 498 tons and kizhuch 81 tons.

On the whole, in 2008 the forecast of general admissible catch of salmon in Sakhalin Area will amount to 123913 tons of humpback, 20397 tons of Siberian salmon, 28 tons of sima, 1 ton of nerka and 111 tons of kizhuch.

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