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Compensations paid to quake-affected Nevelsk residents


Payment of compensations to residents of quake-hit Nevelsk began on Sakhalin on Saturday.

More than 3,000 people who partly or completely lost their property in the August 2 quake will receive 20,000 or 50,000-rouble compensations.

Written applications from the people are received beginning this Saturday. Those who put in applications must have a passport and a bankbook or its copy, the Sakhalin regional social protection department's deputy head Olga Kugayevskaya said.

The Finance Ministry has transferred 135.7 million roubles to the Sakhalin Region for the payment. The region received one billion and 400 million roubles more to remove damaged buildings and build new housing. A total of 268 residential and other buildings must be dismantled in Nevelsk.

Earlier, the Sakhalin Region's Governor Alexander Khoroshavin reported by telephone to the country's leaders about the course of the work in Nevelsk, the governor's press secretary Alexei Bayandin said.

The earthquake struck southern Sakhalin on August 2, and in Nevelsk it measured 6.0-7.0. The epicentre was in the Tatar Strait, four kilometres from the city. Two people died and 12 were heavily injured. About 8,000 lost their homes. At present, quake-resistant module houses are being built in Nevelsk and the village of Troitskoye for the residents.

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