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Sakhalin Customs Officials Detained a Poaching Vessel

Sakhalin customs officials brought a criminal action against a captain of "Altail" motor ship according to part 1 of the article 188 of RF Criminal Code (contraband).

In the beginning of September a customs boat "Pavel Vereschagin" spotted a suspect vessel in Sakhalin water area. Inspection group went on board of the motor ship and detained it. Operational group found over 17 tons of live tanner crab of the following kinds: opilio, crinite, king and blue crab. Besides, more than two tons of chilled herring and pollock were in the hold for bait.

As it was found out later, "Altail" under Cambodia's flag (the crew was Russian) was in the mode of closed border, therefore its presence in RF water area was illegal. No permissive documents were shown.

As Sakhalin custom-house press secretary Yuriy GURSHAL reported to RIA PrimaMedia, the foreign vessel is delivered to Korsakov port for further investigation.

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