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Sakhalin shelf could be placed on strategic list

The Chayanda gas field in Yakutia, in the Russian Far East, and part of the Sakhalin shelf could be placed on the list of strategic deposits, a high-ranking energy official said Friday.

"That could be done as part of the Eastern program," Anatoly Yanovsky, the head of the fuel and energy sector department at the Industry and Energy Ministry, said.

Earlier Friday, Yanovsky said his ministry approved a program to establish a single system to produce, transport and supply natural gas to East Siberia and the Far East, with account for possible exports of gas to Chinese and other Asia-Pacific region markets (the so-called Eastern gas program).

"We believe part of the deposits in those regions should be strategic," he said, adding that his ministry prepared a list of deposits and sent it to the Natural Resources Ministry.

Earlier, Natural Resources Minister Yury Trutnev said oil and gas deposits with reserves exceeding 70 million tons (514.5 million bbl) of oil, or 50 billion cubic meters of natural gas, would be ranked as strategic sites.

Such deposits will be developed only by Russian companies, while foreign companies will be able to develop them only through agreements with Russian operators.

Yanovsky also said the Kovykta gas field in East Siberia, with estimated reserves of 1.9 trillion cubic meters of gas, could be fully developed even earlier than the previously scheduled date of 2017 on condition of connecting to the country's pipeline network, the Unified Gas Supply System.

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