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High-Ranking Japanese Diplomat Arrived to Sakhalin

On Wednesday the Head of the department of Russia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Mr. Akira MUTO arrived to Sakhalin. He intends to stay at the Island for two days, during which he will get acquainted with social-economic development of the Area, meet the officials and business circles, RIA PrimaMedia reported.

Besides, the Japanese guest will hold meetings with representatives of the companies engaged in oil-and-gas projects of Sakhalin.

On Thursday, June 21 Akira MUTO will pay a courtesy call to the Head of the Sakhalin Area Administration, where will discuss the issues of Japanese-Russian relations, co-operation on "The Initiative on consolidation of co-operation between Russia and Japan in the region of the Far East and Eastern Siberia of Russia," including inter-regional co-operation of Hokkaido and Sakhalin Area ("the Initiative" was proposed by the Japanese party to the President of RF at the meeting with the Prime-Minister S.ABE during the Great Eight Summit in Kheiligendam), and also of oil-and-gas projects "Sakhalin-1" and "Sakhalin-2" and issues of fishing.

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