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Minister hopes Sakhalin II problems will be resolved

Yuri Trutnev (Photo from wwww.lenta.ru).jpg

Russian Natural Resource Minister Yury Trutnev hopes that a significant number of Sakhalin II energy problems will be resolved. "We will calculate the damages, submit them and we will hope that a significant number of the problems will be resolved. For the remainder compensation will be paid to the state. It is good that we all had sufficient will, despite political pressure from across the ocean, to bring this to its conclusion and ensure that the company came to its senses and started to work with a proper attitude to Russian nature," he told journalists in Moscow.

The minister said that by the end of the summer work would be completed on establishing damages and rectifying possible violations in subsurface operations for the Sakhalin II project.

He also said that at the moment "the ecological aspect of the Sakhalin-1 project is also being checked." "We will also, it seems, approach Western companies with certain proposals," he said.

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