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Borderguards inspect fishing boats in seas of Japan and Okhotsk

Coastguard ships of the Sakhalin border department carried out a large-scale inspection of fishing boats, operating in the seas of Japan and Okhotsk, the press service of the borderguards told Itar-Tass on Sunday.

They detained the Langeri trawler (Nevelsk, port of registration) in the Tatar Strait, north of the Sea of Japan. An inspection group found 15 tonnes of shrimps and nine tonnes of flounders aboard the vessel, while the book of registration had on records only five tonnes of shrimps. The boat was escorted to Nevelsk for investigation.

The Yasny trawler, also registered in Nevelsk, was detained off the Kurile island of Iturup. The vessel violated the regime of crossing the border, and the Yasny captain was fined 3,000 roubles. The Dai 16 Dai Maru schooner was detained off Kunashir Island. It had aboard a Ukrainian citizen whose work permit expired long ago. Another crewmember was not put on the ship's roll at all.

A fine of 150 minimum wages was slapped down on the schooner, while the captain was ordered to sail to the Yuzhno-Kurilsk port for investigation. Borderguards inspected the RSYU 90-55 schooner in the port of Korsakov. It had aboard 28 unregistered skin-diving cylinders. The case is being investigated.

Five coastguard ships participated in the inspection of fishing boats, carried out between March 23 and this Tuesday.

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