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Gazprom in cooperation talks with Sakhalin-1 operator


After joining the Sakhalin-2 project, Russia's natural gas giant Gazprom is also holding cooperation talks with the Sakhalin-1 project operator - Exxon Mobil Corporation of the US, Chairman of Gazprom's Management Committee Alexei Miller said in an interview published by the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei on Monday.

"On the Sakhalin-1 project, we are currently holding talks with Exxon Mobil within the cooperation framework," the Gazprom CEO said in written answers to the newspaper questions. Miller expressed the hope for acceleration of these consultations.

According to him, Gazprom in interested not in the financial participation in the Sakhalin-1 project, but in raising its effectiveness and securing the interests of consumers inside Russia.

It was earlier reported that a part of gas produced within the Sakhalin-1 project framework might be liquefied at Sakhalin-2 facilities and after that exported abroad. However, the statement made by Miller has shown that in the view of Gazprom, at least a part of gas produced within this project might be used for internal consumption.

It had been initially planned to dispatch gas produced within Sakhalin-1 along a pipeline to Japan, but this variant was rejected in the country. After that, Exxon Mobil as the project operator was inclined to building of a gas pipeline to China. This caused serious concern of Tokyo that in late February officially requested Moscow to study the issue of supplies of liquefied natural gas to Japan from the Sakhalin-1 project. With this end in view, it is planned to use capacities of the Sakhalin-2 project where Gazprom is dominating.

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