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Powerful snow cyclone on Sakhalin begins affecting Kamchatka

Powerful snow cyclone on Sakhalin.jpg

A powerful cyclone that has covered the Sakhalin Island with a 1.5-metre deep snow layer has begun affecting southeast areas of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Snowfalls have been registered in eastern districts of the region and central part of the peninsula. However, their intensity is considerably lower than in the neighbouring region, specialists say. The atmospheric whirlwind is affecting Kamchatka only by its northern front, which caused the absence of heavy winds and low intensity of precipitation.

The cyclone will gradually move to the northwest part of the Pacific Ocean where the wind force is expected to grow to 15-20 metres per second, but no dangerous phenomena are expected on the peninsula, according to meteorologists. Nevertheless, snowstorms are possible on Kamchatka in the coming three days that will keep road services busy.

Traffic along all highways in the region is normal, the control service of the Kamchatavtodor road company said. Transport services are working between all the districts. The peninsula's main airport Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, as well Yelizovo airfiled are working in the usual regime.

Since the beginning of March, cyclones have been one after another bringing snowfalls to the south of Kamchatka. As many as 130 percent of the monthly precipitation norm has already occurred in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky where the show is 140 centimetres deep. According to the Kamchatka avalanche control centre, 14 snow avalanched have already descended from slopes. The largest of them had the volume of 20,000 cubic metres.

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