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Strong cyclone cripples power supply in Russia Far East cities

A strong snow cyclone sweeping across Russia's Pacific coast has knocked out the power supply in Nevelsk, a city of 35,000 on the Sakhalin Island.

City mayor Vladimir Pak said that the gale wind ripped off the roof of a power relay station in the night to Tuesday, and the lights were off everywhere in the city.

Municipal services immediately put in operation standby diesel generators.

The life-supporting infrastructure in Nevelsk is functional, but residential houses remain cut off from the electricity supply.

Pak said that other power sources of energy would be delivere to the city soon.

The Russian Far Eastern regional emergency centre said that the cyclone crippled the electricity supply in 280-apartment blocks in different places of the Primorye region.

The snow and gale wind caused ruptures of power lines.

Repair teams are in efforts to find and mend the cables.

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