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Russian student sentenced to one-year imprisonment for piracy

Details have been disclosed of two criminal cases against Russian students accused of copyright infringement in the IT sphere. A student from a Yekaterinburg university received a one-year suspended sentence, and two students in the Sakhalin region are accused of counterfeit software sales.

20-year old Ivan Pidjakov, student of the Ural State Mountain University is convicted for a number of offences in the IT-sphere. The Prosecutor's Office claims the student violated Article 146 of the Russian Criminal Code in august 2006. He installed counterfeit Microsoft Windows Professional software on computers and some other software, copyright of which belongs to Microsoft and 1C. The damage caused to the two was estimated at 74,857 rubles ($2,800).

The preliminary investigation showed that last summer Ivan Pidjakov placed an ad on a Yekaterinburg website, offering services on installing software. Police were aware of the advertising and pretended to be members of the Vnesheconomprod company, who wished to use Pidjakov's services and asked him to install a number of programmes on their computers. Pidjakov installed the 1C Enterprise 7.7 programme, Microsoft Office 2003 and other programmes. The student received 2 thousand rubles ($77) for his work. Thus he violated Part 1 of Article 272 of the Russian Criminal Code on the 'Creation, use and spread of detrimental computer programs'. He is also accused of the "creation or modification of computer programs leading to unauthorized destruction, block, modification and copying information in his own interests".

The court delivered a one-year suspended sentence for Pidjakov with one year probation period. He was also fined at 4 thousand rubles ($150) and 240 hours of community services.

Another criminal case was initiated against students from the Sakhalin Island (Aniva city). A group of students violated Article 146 of the Russian Criminal Code on copyright infringement.

The Aniva regional Prosecutor's Office said the case was initiated after a preliminary investigation after an advertisement on software installing services was placed in the Iz Ruk v Ruki newspaper. Two students were arrested, who placed an ad on software services. They also conducted counterfeit software sales in the Aniva region.

Sales of counterfeit products are considered as copyright infringement by the Prosecutor's Office. This is a punishable offence. Investigation is currently underway. The students have given a written undertaking not to leave the place until all the details are uncovered.

A few days ago Vereshagino district Prosecutor's Office filed a complaint against the verdict of the regional court on the case of Alexander Ponosov accused of using illegal Microsoft software. The case might be reopened.

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